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Forging Futures

Looking back on my past posts and the most popular one seems to be the one where I talk about people having some kind of life check list of things that they should be doing etc.  Well what can we say about that?  Everyone seems to feel the pressure of life.  I would say modern life but that wouldn't be correct, I think these types of pressure have been there since the beginning, like "Keeping up with the Jones'".   A term I also find highly amusing as my sister and her family are the Jones' and I would be exhausted and bankrupt if I tried keeping up with them considering we only really have one proper income coming into our house.

Anyway remember like a wise woman once told me "Comparison is the Death of Joy".  People should concentrate on living and enjoying their own lives otherwise they're going to miss out on what is truely in front of them.

I think women have an extraordinary amount of pressure put upon them.  From keeping a perfect home (still…
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My Positive Birth Story : Anwen

I can't do my positive birth story about Tegan and not do my one about Anwen.  It is so true what they say that every birth is different and you should try not to think too much about other people's experience.  Anwen was completely different to Tegan.

My pregnancy this time round I found a lot harder.  I think this was down to being older but also because I had a toddler to look after at the same time.  Also when I was 5 months pregnant, Tegan decided that she no longer needed an afternoon nap, this I found very exhausting as it was a time I could have really done with.  I also never thought that at nearly full term I would be scrabbling up a soft play to rescue Tegan who had got scared.  I also seemed to ache more, but you're not getting as much rest as when you're pregnant with your first.  I was very conscious that I wanted to capture all the mile stones through my pregnancy like I did with Tegan as not to treat them differently.

Both my daughters were planned, al…

My Positive Birth Story: Tegan

Well I thought I would, like a lot of amazing woman at the moment, share my positive birth stories.  I was very lucky to be able to have this with both my girls. When I became pregnant with my first I was well aware that the idea of what the birth of your child will be like and what normally happens are two different things.  However, there is still a lot of unspoken things that other mothers don't tell you, some people would rather not know, I on the other hand thrive on knowledge.  I think the more I can research into different areas the better equipped I would be to face the situation when presented with it.
During my pregnancy I watched a lot of One Born Every Minute as well as asking other mum's a 101 questions.  Obviously the internet was also my friend and my very helpful midwife.  I found this all extremely helpful and when the midwives were saying things to me I understood more what they meant and what direction they wanted me to go in.  Also because of this I was re…

Hello 2019

Well Hello all, where have I been, goodness knows, probably buried under a pile of brightly coloured plastic toys.  I am working on a piece to share with you all and it is my positive birth stories for both my girls.  Obviously I want to get these right and so they are taking a little while to pull together, please bare with me and I will be along shortly......

Pushing Presents?!?

Ok....I never even knew that this was a thing until having me girls. To be honest personally I think this is absolutely absurd and unnecessary.Why would you expect a present off your partner for giving birth, surely your little ones safe arrival is present enough and all you should need. My girls are enough for me and the best present after being pregnant and giving birth to them. Without my partner they wouldn't be here.A good partner shows their appreciation by being supportive and hands on, not through trinkets etc.Hahaha rant over. Of course I'm sure people will disagree, this is just my opinion.

Eczema Skin Relief

I have always suffered occasionally with the odd spot of eczema, it got particularly bad on my face when I first went to university and I thought this might have been down to the change in environment and the fact the water was a lot harder there than back home.
Since having Tegan back in February 2015, I have learned that this wasn't the case and it was brought on through stress and anxiety.  This makes perfect sense, at the time I was going through a lot.  My parents had just separated, I had moved 162 miles from home and didn't know anybody, and my boyfriend at the time had moved in the other direction to Aberystwyth.  In all from intensive moisturising and eventually settling, meeting some great new friends and my boyfriend transferring to be at the same university it calmed down after a year.  I still have to make sure not to neglect my skin on my face and it has now become part of my routine.  Guaranteed it should be anyway, but how many of us can actually say we bother?!

Pumpkin and Butternut Squash Pie

I love the autumn and the seasonal vegetables it brings.  One of my favourites being pumpkin.  Well in a nod to this here is my really simple pumpkin and butternut squash pie.

2 bags of pre cut pumpkin and butternut squash (why sweat over cutting them up when Tesco do them in a bag £1 each and 3 for 2)
goats cheese
filo pastry
olive oil
salt and pepper to season

Steam cook the pumpkin and Butternut squash as directed on the packet.  In a pie dish layer the bottom with spinach, add chunks of goats cheese (as much or little as you like), then add one layer of the pumpkin and butternut squash and some garlic, season. Repeat this for the second layer - spinach, goats cheese, pumpkin and butternut squash, garlic and season.

With the filo pastry, for goodness sake buy this, even Mary Berry admitted to doing this!!!  Take a sheet at a time brush each side with olive oil and scrunch up by pinching from the centre and add to the top of the pie, repeat until covered.  Pop it in …